U.S. Cellular Field

History of U.S. Cellular Field

Originally introduced as the “new” version of Comiskey Park, U.S. Cellular field has been the home of the Chicago White Sox since 2003. Originally opening under the new Comiskey Park name, U.S. Cellular Field opened on 4/18/91. When it finally closed down the original Comiskey Park was home to the White Sox for 81 years and was only 2nd to Fenway Park as far as active MLB parks. Built like many of the “throwback” new parks in the 1990s, the goal of U.S. Cellular Field was to provide fans with state of the art amenities while still offering the ambiance of an older park. The original version of the park was not received well by fans, mainly due to the problems with upper deck. Because of the angle and build of the upper deck, many fans complained of vertigo and as a result over 6,500 seats from the upper portion of the upper deck have since been removed. The first game at the new Comiskey aka U.S. Cellular field was not a pretty one for White Sox fans as they were drubbed by the Tigers 16-0 as the veteran Frank Tanana shutout former White Sox ace “Black” Jack McDowell.

U.S. Cellular Field Capacity

While most stadiums have added seats over the years, U.S. Cellular field is a rare stadium that has removed seats from the stadium due to fan complaints. Hosting the 2003 All Star Game, U.S. Cellular field topped its biggest crowd ever with 47,609 fans as they added several thousand seats to accommodate the large crowd. This was the last time that the field would ever get over 41,000 fans as the 2004 season marked the beginning of the “new” U.S. Cellular field and the removal of several thousand seats in the upper deck. The current capacity is just over 40,500 as seats continue to be removed on a regular basis. Because the White Sox have always been the #2 team in Chicago, the architects of U.S. Cellular field worked with ownership to build more luxury suites for the fans. These suites are popular among Chicago businesses and generate a great deal of revenue for the team. Besides the luxury seats, U.S. Cellular’s club seats are among the most popular tickets as they offer “in seat” wait staff. The U.S. Cellular Field Map below shows that the luxury seats make up a huge portion of the overall seating arrangement.

U.S. Cellular Field Map

Field Dimensions for U.S. Cellular Field

The field dimensions of U.S. Cellular Field, much like the seating of the baseball stadium have changed over the year. The original stadium dimensions were more of a “pitcher’s park” as both the Left Field and Right Field line were 347 ft., which is longer than average compared to other major league parks. Because of the lack of home runs, the foul poles were moved in some to 330 ft. in Left Field and 335 in Right Field, thus resulting in a more “hitter’s friendly park. While the foul poles moved in both the gaps (375 ft.) and Center Field (400 ft.) stayed at their traditional lengths.

U.S. Cellular Field Amenities

U.S. Cellular Field is one of the best baseball stadiums to embrace the history of their franchise through various ballpark amenities. Here are some of the best amenities at U.S. Cellular Field.

  • Multiple sculptures of White Sox greats including Carlton Fisk, Charles Comiskey, Harold Baines, Frank Thomas, Nellie Fox and more.
  • The Fundamentals area is a 15,000 square foot facility devoted to young fans of the Sox. In this area are batting cages, wiffle ball diamonds and skills instruction by White Sox staff.
  • The Gold Coast Tickets club at U.S. Cellular Field is located behind home plate. Some of the features at this venue include open air seating, open bar area, extra wide seating, flat screen TVs and early admittance to the park by guests.

U.S. Cellular Field Food

Like the city itself, Chicago’s Cellular Field is full of many different food choices. Here is a list of 3 of our favorite food spots at this stadium.

  • Connie’s Pizza- Chicago is famous for its pizzas and Connie’s matches up pretty well with any of them. Because of the popularity of Connie’s Pizza at U.S. Cellular Field, they have expanded to include 5 different Connie’s locations throughout the stadium. Pizza and delicious Edy’s Ice Cream make Connie’s a top choice.
  • South Side Hitmen Grille- The mob and Chicago go hand in hand and so does the great tasting steak and chicken sandwiches located at the Hitmen Grille. The steak sandwich is one of the most popular U.S. Cellular Field food items and is a great choice for those who love steak.
  • Triple Play Café- With classic deli sandwiches, the Triple Play Café is our pick for the #3 spot among Cellular field food choices. We recommend the corned beef sandwich as it’s as good as any deli item you will find in a MLB stadium across America.


U.S. Cellular Field has grown leaps and bounds since its first game in 1991. After a few architectural flaws that had many fans complaining, the White Sox organization has gone to great measures to fix up the stadium. While U.S. Cellular will always be the #2 park in Chicago it is still a great place to catch a baseball game.