Att Park

History of AT&T Park

Having arguable the best baseball stadium in all of the MLB, AT&T Park in San Francisco has gotten rave reviews ever since its opening in April 2000. Replacing the legendary Candlestick Park, this field has been the home of the Giants for 14 seasons and has been rated as one of the best ballparks in MLB during that time. The attendance numbers show that fans sell out every Giants home game.

The park was originally named Pacific Bell Park, then SBC Park in 2003, and finally AT&T Park in 2006 after the merger of SBC and AT&T. AT&T Park was a shot in the arm for a fan base that dealt with the windy confines of the old Candlestick Park for over 40 years. The Giants, along with the 49ers, shared this park and both teams often complained of sharing the field in September and October of every year. AT&T Park offered a state-of-the-art park just for the Giants, and they have thrived ever since its inception. The first game took place at this field on April, 11, 2001, as the Giants took on their hated rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and lost 6-5. AT&T Park was the home of historic feats throughout its first two seasons as Giants outfielder Barry Bonds smashed the records books with some of the greatest seasons in MLB history. Many of Bonds’ historic home runs during his 1973 season splashed into McCovey’s Cove, the ballfield’s signature body of water, the China Basin, which sits only 27’ from the right-field fence, over the right-field wall of the stadium.

AT&T Park Capacity

Being one of the top baseball stadiums year in and year out, AT&T Park’s current capacity is at just under 42,000 per game with a 1,500 standing room capacity. Besides San Francisco Giants games, this ballpark has also hosted many other major events. Many college football games, mostly by the California Bears, have taken place on this field during the off-season. Also, the United States Men’s Soccer team has been among a few of the soccer events that have taken place at this park. Besides the sporting events, several concerts and even American Idol have used this park to auditions their TV show. The largest crowd ever at AT&T Park was during the 2nd game of the National League Division Series vs. the Atlanta Braves as 44,046 fans packed the stadium for this game.

Field Dimensions of AT&T Park

Known mostly for being a “pitcher’s park,” the center field part of the AT&T Park field dimensions is among the biggest in all of baseball at 421 feet. This part of the park is one of the hardest for MLB outfields as it is a huge area to cover, and balls bouncing off the brick and padded walls often take strange bounces. Despite being a pitcher’s park, AT&T has also seen many historic home runs over its brief 14-year existence. Right field is perhaps the most famous right field in all of baseball as McCovey’s Cove, the China Basin body of water, is only 27 feet away from the tall 309 ft. wall in the right field. This cove became famous in the first year of the park’s existence as home run king Barry Bonds launched many of his home runs into the water. The cove is filled with many aquatic vehicles on game day as many balls have “splashdown” into the cove. Besides the short porch in the right field, the left-field is also very hitter-friendly as it is 339 ft. from home plate. Both gaps are at 365 ft., among the shortest in the league, while the center-field wall is very far away at 421 ft. The field dimensions of AT&T Park are among the most unique in the league and give a signature look to this wonderful ballpark.

AT&T Park Amenities

With excellent attendance and in a great location in the heart of the technology hotbed of the United States, AT&T Park amenities are some of the best in all of baseball. Let’s look at some of our favorites.

  • As we have spoken of, early right field is the trademark of this park with “Willie’s Wall” and McCovey cove. Willie’s Wall is named after arguably the greatest Giants player of all-time, Willie Mays, and is 24’ high to honor Mays’ #24 jersey number. McCovey’s Cove is also named after another fan favorite, Willie McCovey, one of the most popular Giants in the 1960s and 70s.
  • Behind the left-field bleachers is “The Coca-Cola fan lot,” an area that is a favorite for families visiting this great baseball stadium. With the famous “Coca-Cola super slide” and other bubble blowing slides, this park is a great attraction for adults and kids alike.
  • AT&T Park is one of the largest Wi-Fi public hotspots in the world. With over 125 access points spread throughout the stadium, fans love the ability to hook up to the free Wi-Fi that only a few other stadiums currently offer.

AT&T Park Food

Perhaps the best baseball stadium food in all of the majors, AT&T Park offers a wide variety of food to fit the needs of San Francisco’s diverse population. When it comes to the best food at AT&T Park, there are so many great options. Narrowing it down to the top three places to eat at AT&T Park was difficult, but these are our three choices. Orlando’s Caribbean BBQ- Quite possibly the best “nontraditional” baseball food in a baseball stadium is the Cha-Cha bowl served at this fine establishment. Rice, beans, grilled chicken, and pineapple zucchini salsa make up this masterpiece, and it’s a very filling one at that. The Cha-Cha bowl goes great with any of the hundreds of different beers available throughout this baseball park. Mijita- On the Willie Mays’ plaza is the great Mexican spot Mijita. With some of the best assortment of tacos and carnitas in or outside of an MLB stadium, this place is a favorite spot among AT&T baseball stadium fans each home game. Try one of their margaritas for some of the best tequila around. Public House- World-famous chef Chris Wade takes classic baseball stadium food to a new level at Public House. With classic foods such as corn dogs, sliders, and ice cream combined with some of the best craft beers on the West Coast, Public House is a fan favorite. Overall these three dining establishments are just a few of the many great baseball food options at AT&T Park.


Easily one of the top 5 baseball ballparks in all of MLB, AT&T Park’s sellout streak is of no surprise. With some of the hardest tickets to find in all of baseball, this place is a great place to enjoy an event. The food, beverages, and amenities of AT&T Park are all top-notch and are a must-see ballpark for those who love to visit various stadiums.