Target Field

History of Target Field

Starting in the 2010 season, the Minnesota Twins left the friendly confines of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome to the outside facility Target Field. After winning the 1987 and 1991 World Series at the Metrodome, the Metrodome became quite possibly the most famous indoor ballpark globally. Led by the “Homer Hanky,” a white handkerchief that can be seen in the capacity crowd in the Metrodome, the Twins captured the 2nd and 3rd titles of their franchise history during the magical years just over 20 years ago. The Target Field baseball park marks the third ballpark in Minnesota and the first outdoor park since the Metrodome took over in 1961. While the park was built for the Minnesota Twins, the first baseball game took place at the stadium on March 27, 2010, when the University of Minnesota hosted Louisiana Tech. When it comes to baseball stadiums, Target Field is built much like the newer design of Progressive Field and Camden Yards; this park has been picked as one of the best for fan experiences in all of baseball. Because of this great experience, MLB chose this park as the host for the 2014 MLB All-Star Game. The Twins debuted at this stadium on April 12, 2010, as they defeated the Boston Red Sox 5-2 behind the pitching of Carl Pavano.

Target Field Capacity

Target Field’s Capacity is currently just above 39,000 fans, but they set an all-time record with an attendance of 42,524 to see a country music concert featuring Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw. During the concert, the baseball field was packed with an additional 3,000+ seats to accommodate the popular country music concert. Compared to the Metrodome’s capacity, Target Field holds approximately 7,500 fewer fans, but the experience has been rated much higher. Target Field offers one of the best “in-game” experiences for fans as most of their seats are on the lower and club level of the stadium and very close to the field. Check out the field map here to look at the huge proportion of lower-level seats available for fans.

Field Dimensions for Target Field

Target Field’s field dimensions are very “middle of the road” compared to other MLB parks. With an 8” outfield wall, the current dimensions of the stadium are 339 ft. down the left-field line, 404 in centerfield, and 328 down the right-field line. These compare very similarly to the Metrodome field dimensions of 343, 408, and 327, but they are slightly different due to the outdoor conditions.

Target Field Amenities

Rated as the top stadium experience in North America by ESPN, Target Field’s amenities are among the best in MLB. Here are some of the highlights of the stadium

  • The main concourse is a favorite among fans as it offers fans a 360-degree view of the playing field.
  • Natural grass replaces the “Astroturf” that made the Metrodome famous.
  • One of the best baseball stadiums to accommodate fans with disabilities as they offer great seats for disabled fans.
  • Over half of the total stadium seats are in the “lower bowl” as it puts fans right on the field.

Target Field Food

Target Field Food is some of the best in MLB. With a wide variety of food choices, this baseball stadium has something for everyone. Here is a pick of our top 3 places to eat at Target Field.

  • State Fair Classics - Modeled after the food at the world-famous Minnesota State Fair, the State Fair Classics concessions offer something for everyone that loves fair food. Corn dogs, deep-fried pickle chips, and Minneapolis Pie are just a few of the favorites on the State Fair Classics menu.
  • Kramarczuk’s - Don’t go to Target Field without trying a sausage from Kramarczuk’s. Whether it is the Polish or Hungarian sausage, this concession stand epitomizes Minnesota sausage.
  • Butcher & the Boar - Some of the tastiest ribs in Minnesota can be found at Butcher & the Boar. With a huge craft beer selection and a plethora of tasty BBQ food, Butcher & the Boar Target Field is among the best BBQ in any baseball stadium in the country.


The Target Field baseball park is among the best of the best for new baseball stadiums in America. With state-of-the-art technology, excellent food choices, and great seating, this field epitomizes the modern baseball stadium. The best time of the year to catch a Twins game is in June, July, and August, as attending games early or late in the season can be very risky with the cold weather that Minnesota has in the spring and fall.