Truist Park

Truist Park is a venue for professional baseball. It is located in Atlanta, Georgia, right in the heart of the metropolitan area and just about 10 miles from the city’s the busy downtown area. Originally, this stadium was actually known as SunTrust Park before eventually changing its name to its current one. The stadium was renamed due to a corporate merger, which led SunTrust Bank to rebrand the venue to reflect their updated strategies. This stadium features a retro design, although its features are quite modern. It was actually built with a mix of public and private funds, with a budget of approximately $622 million. As it often happens, the new stadium was received both favorably and negatively by some factions and politicians. However, the supporting majority allowed the plan to move forward and go ahead.

Truist Park is home to the local MLB team, Atlanta Braves. Up until 2013, the Braves performed at the Turner Field venue, but they decided to leave it after the 2016 season, as they sought to relocate to a more suitable facility. The Truist Park comes from a design idea that dates back to the 1996s. Back then, the facility was specifically designed to accommodate the Olympic Games. However, things took a rather different turn with later design, directing the stadium towards being a baseball-only facility, as opposed to being a multi-purpose stadium, a style of construction that became particularly popular in the 90s, but which is quickly falling out of favor, with teams preferring specialized fields as opposed to broad-ranging venues that accommodate multiple sports and events. It is believed that baseball-only venues can indeed provide a better experience to fans, as well as facilitate better games due to the highly optimized construction process. The Truist park opened in 2017, following this exact philosophy. The first game for the Braves in their new home was a memorable match with the New York Yankees, in which the home team won 8-5. The field is also open to university teams, with the University Of Georgia playing the first Uni game with the University of Missouri. Trey Harris, from Missouri, was the first player to hit a home run at the Truist Park.

The audience usually loves this particular park because of its unique configuration. In fact, Truist Park is one of the more intimate venues in Major League Baseball, not much in terms of its size, but in regards to how close the audience can actually get to the playing area. This venue has the highest percentage of seats closer to the field than any other MLB venue! In conjunction with other features and amenities, such as a stunning water display, this stadium provides a truly one-of-a-kind vibe to attendees, and there are so many comfortable features, including swiveling chairs in certain areas of this particular venue! Although the Truist Park is mainly a baseball venue, it hosted several concerts and a wide variety of other public events. Most notably, Billy Joel was the first artist to ever play this Atlanta venue, along with opening act Andrew McMahon. In addition to that, Metallica joined the ranks a few months later in a gig featuring Volbeat and Avenged Sevenfold. Other artists who performed at this venue include Zac Brown, as well as Jason Aldean, Def Leppard, and Journey, as well as The Pretenders, Luke Combs, and more. The COVID-19 pandemic put a few shows on hold, but bands like Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Motley Crue are scheduled to perform as soon as possible.